UAE Consumers Are the Most Mobile-Centric in the World

UAE Consumers Are the Most Mobile-Centric in the World

In the UAE, over 70% of in-store customers said they are more likely than other shoppers to use their smartphones to improve their shopping experience.

Findings of a Recent Study

According to the findings of a recent study, consumers in the United Arab Emirates with a high level of digital literacy are the most mobile-focused and omnichannel shoppers in the world.

More than 70% of UAE consumers who make in-store purchases reported that they are more likely than other shoppers to use their smartphones to improve their shopping experience, mainly to research product details and check prices at other retailers using their smart mobiles.

Merchants Offering Mobile-Based Features

On the other hand, merchants in the Emirates are much more likely than those in other countries to offer mobile-based features to their in-store customers. 70% of retailers provide cross-channel digital profiles, enabling customers to access their identification and payment information both in-store and online. In other words, retailers in the UAE are more likely than the average retailer across all six countries to provide digital profiles that their customers can access in-store and online, based on a study from Pymnts and Visa Cybersource called “The 2022 Global Shopping Index.

Digital Quality of life in UAE

According to a study that looked at people’s digital well-being worldwide, the UAE has the fastest mobile internet in Asia. It ranks 44th in terms of digital quality of life globally.

According to the Digital Quality of Life Index, the quality of the internet in the UAE ranks third in the world when considering internet speed, stability, and growth. Furthermore, the UAE’s internet quality is 54% better than the average for the rest of the world.

With a speed of 247.7 Mbps/s, the UAE’s mobile internet outperforms fixed broadband globally in terms of internet speed (1st globally). Fixed broadband internet, meanwhile, is ranked thirteenth.

Mobile eCommerce

Almost one-third of all local eCommerce customers used in-store or curbside pickup to select their most recent purchases.

UAE consumers strongly prefer mobile commerce, which extends to all aspects of their shopping experiences, including those they have in physical stores. For businesses to succeed and expand in a market that is steadily moving toward a cashless economy, it is imperative to satisfy the needs of these mobile-centric customers, according to Dr Saeeda Jaffar, Visa’s SVP and group country manager for the GCC region.

Responsible digital retailers are working to enhance their systems to give their customers a seamless and secure online and in-store shopping experience in light of the rising popularity of online and mobile shopping nationwide.

Over a third of consumers completed their most recent purchase entirely on a smartphone, according to the study, which found that 65% of consumers used smartphones at some point during their most recent retail journeys.

Another finding is that customers using their phones in stores experience 9% more friction than in other nations.